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New D&I in Grocery Maturity Model to Map Industry Progress

D&I in Grocery Programme, which is facilitated and managed by GroceryAid, has launched its first Maturity Model. This is an additional benefit to the partnership for 2024. The purpose of the model is to annually measure the maturity of D&I amongst its 90+ Partners as a representation of the grocery industry.  Results will be used to identify key areas across the industry to collectively focus on to accelerate change and annually track tangible progress.

Programme Partners will complete the Maturity Model in January 2024 and receive their individual score instantly and then a summary report of their results. The only data publicly shared will be the overall Programme score in February 2024.

The model uses a rating system out of 10 across 10 categories relating to diversity and inclusion. The first half is scored from a total business perspective and the second half is scored across 10 areas of diversity. The key benefits of D&I in Grocery’s Maturity Model is that it is quick and easy to complete, and provides in-the-moment learnings for accelerating progress.

With The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023 Report, written by The Global Party Alliance, stating that setting clear and quantifiable goals, plus rigorous tracking and course correction, were two of the success factors common across DEI initiatives, the new Maturity Model is expected to positively impact the grocery industry’s overall progress.

Keith Black, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Sainsbury’s and Chair of the D&I in Grocery Strategy Steering Group said: “As the programme reaches a level of maturity, it became evident at the beginning of 2023 that there was a need to collectively measure progress. As a result, the programme has created and launched the D&I in Grocery Maturity Model to annually measure the maturity of the grocery industry across retailers and suppliers.”

Simon Smith, Go to Market Operations Director at Kellanova and Deputy Chair of the D&I in Grocery Strategy Steering Group also added: It is intended, that the D&I in Grocery Maturity Model will both direct what the next stage of the journey looks like for each partner, and also challenge us to raise our game, with specific actions of how we can make progress. Working with the GroceryAid team and strategy steering group members, we worked hard to design a model that is simple and easy to use, can be completed in under two hours and for all businesses in mind regardless of size or maturity to ensure inclusivity. We believe having the right data that can drive the right action will help the programme to accelerate a truly diverse and inclusive grocery industry.”

The Maturity Model is available exclusively to D&I in Grocery Partners in the 2024 programme. Become a Partner today by emailing [email protected].

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