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Shared Learning

We are on a mission to engage our industry, make connections and create change. We will provide inspiration and support to the five million people in the grocery sector through collaborative learning.

 Collaboration is the strength behind our Shared Learning work stream.

Working together, our Headline and Major Partners create and deliver a monthly live Learning Lab. Every session delivers fresh insight, advice and best practice for driving tangible change around the diversity and inclusion topics that are important to the grocery industry.

New for 2023 - Stories to Inspire Podcast series. Real life D&I experiences from the world of grocery. See below for more details

Learning labs 2024

Our Learning Labs run once a month and cover varied topics throughout the year. All Headline Partners lead on the Learning Labs, and Major Partners have the opportunity to collaborate on them. Below is the 2024 calendar for the first six months of the year.



Following the huge success of our Stories to Inspire from D&I in Grocery LIVE!, we are launching a new Podcast series that will bring more of these popular personal insights exclusively to our Partners. 

Each interview will shine a light on the importance of D&I within our industry and the positive impact that change can make on both individuals and organisations.  The podcasts can be accessed through the Partner Hub and can be listened to anywhere and at any time. 

LL1 2023
P2 2023


All of our Shared Learning webinars and podcasts are available through the exclusive Partner HUB, accessible only to Partners of the D&I in Grocery programme.



  • Exclusive Partner networking platform
  • Invite unlimited colleagues to join the network
  • Connect with like-minded allies
  • Learn more about specific topics of interest
  • Tell the community about your progress
  • Watch Learning Labs live or on-demand
  • Shared interest topic discussions

“Learning Labs deliver genuine, unfiltered stories that really resonate; they help us to start conversations within our own business. Hearing other people’s stories, and how they are driving change, has also been the catalyst for some of our own initiatives.”

Learning Labs
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“Another great session, I’m really enjoying hearing from different companies in these sessions and learning a lot from them. Hearing personal stories has been most impactful.”

Learning Labs
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“I’m new to the grocery world and its great to be introduced to these sessions so early on, as an LGBTQ+ member of staff it makes me feel seen and inspired to do more.”

Learning Labs
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creating Connections

More than 90 cross-company collaborations have taken place between Partners because of the safe place that D&I in Grocery provides for organisations to share and learn from each other.

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